Saturday, 5 January 2013

Winter Watch - Helping Vulnerable Residents Stay Warm This Winter

On a personal note, I am on the mend, my family and friends are looking after me. Sadly, many vulnerable people in Reading are not as lucky as me. Please do your best to help your neighbours because the Government won't.

Keep warm and well this winter
Winter Watch offers advice and help to older people, people with disabilities or long term health conditions and families with very young children whose health and well being is most at risk because their homes are cold and damp.

This includes:
  • advice on reducing fuel poverty
  • encouraging people take up the grants available to improve the insulation and heating in their homes.
  • Helping people get minor repairs carried out to their homes to stop draughts and protect them from the cold
  • introducing some energy efficiencies such as loft and/or cavity wall insulation.
Winter Watch is provided by the Council in partnership with local voluntary and health services to ensure that people can get the help and advice you need as a matter of urgency.
Other residents who are struggling to cope with their energy bills are also encouraged to contact independent agencies such as the Reading Citizens Advice Bureau 0845 071 6379 (mention the Winter Watch Project)
If you, or someone you know is struggling to keep warm this winter please contact Adult social Care Services (number below) URGENTLY for advice.

0118 937 3747

To view the information leaflet click on the Winter Watch button. 

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