Saturday, 26 January 2013

'Benefit cuts forcing young mums 

into prostitution'

Sex industry support worker says welfare reform to blame. Get Reading January 18. 
This is the shocking story we thought we would never have to tell. Alok Sharma, our mince-pie eating, ribbon cutting MP should hold his head in shame. It must be remembered he went from nothing straight into Parliament. He has no credentials except he wanted to be an MP. When has anyone seen him on the Oxford Road?
However, one thing is clear, he has supported his Government and their attack on ordinary people every step of the way. Alok Sharma MP has done nothing to support our town and most definitely he has done nothing to support the Oxford Road community I and my colleagues represent.
Where was he when we tried to stop Tesco opening another store on the Oxford Road because it was in the wrong place and would damage business? Where was he when we tried to stop a Gaming Centre opening on the Oxford Road because, as the police said, it would attract anti social behaviour? Where has he been as we work against crime, prostitution and drugs along the Oxford Road? Where was he when we challenged licensing applications, early on a Friday morning at the Civic Centre, to restrict business opening times and alcohol sales along the Oxford Road? What support has he and his Government ever given to the Oxford Road community? He and his Government have made it harder to challenge licensing and planning applications as we work to protect our community.
Surely he has to be the worst MP in the country. In my view Sharma MP is a shambles and not worthy of representing our community in Parliament, we deserve better. I look forward to 2015.

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