Monday, 26 December 2011

Cow Lane

End to Cow Lane misery now a reality

Battle councillors have been campaigning for nearly ten years
The existing southern Victorian red brick Cow Lane Bridge is set to be replaced by a new 1600-ton bridge. The bridge will be inched into place today on a multiple set of wheels operated by a single engineer.
This work will herald the beginning of the end of what has become known as ‘ Cow Lane misery, and will create a new chapter in the history of Cow Lane bridges. The new bridge will provide for two lanes of traffic, double decker buses and articulated lorries will be able to pass under it. There will be provision for safe access for pedestrians and cyclists will have a dedicated cycle lane.

By 2015 the replacement of both bridges will be complete. Long delays for traffic and lorries stuck under the northern bridge will be consigned to history. However, most important of all is that pedestrians will be able to walk beneath the bridges in safety for the first time. The replacement of this first bridge will be an historic moment that will conclude with Cow Lane being brought into the 21st century in 2015.

For many years Battle councillors have been campaigning for the bridges to be sorted out once and for all.  This is what was said in 2005.
Battle councillors 2005 annual report. Read the full report here.
This is yet another example of how Reading Labour Party delivers on major projects that benefit local communities as well as our town.

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