Monday, 12 December 2011

Cameron lied

Cameron’s broken NHS promises

I was proud be out on the streets of Battle ward this weekend campaigning with my colleagues to fight the NHS cuts. 

Cameron promised to ‘protect the NHS’, to ‘give the NHS a real rise in funding’ and to ‘stop top-down NHS reorganisations’. He is breaking every one of these promises.

Under Cameron’s government:

  • More people are waiting longer for treatment

  • More NHS services will be run by private companies
  • A real-terms cut in the NHS budget is a deadly threat to our National Health Service

Cameron, backed by Clegg’s Lib Dems, is pushing forward with the biggest reorganisation in the history of the NHS. It’s costing billions of pounds, and is opposed by patient groups and health professionals alike. 

Their Health Bill is a deadly threat to our National Health Service. It will mean:

  • Worse patient care with services cut, hospitals closing and longer waiting times for treatment

  • More privatisation and more companies making money from all parts of our health service

  • More red tape making it harder for nurses, doctors and other health professionals to do their jobs

Cameron has betrayed our NHS. He made promises in the election he knew he would not keep in government. He has put our NHS firmly in the danger zone.

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