Saturday, 7 January 2012

Beresford Park litter

We should cherish our public spaces

It was disappointing to find all this even though it was well away from the play area

We are very fortunate to have some of the town’s best play facilities in Battle Ward. These are valuable public spaces and should be cherished.

A number of local people have expressed to me their concerns about the maintenance of Beresford Road Park and so I decided to take a look myself, this is what I found.

The play equipment and the all weather pitch are in good order and the general appearance of the park is good. It is not until you explore the higher shrub populated parts of the park that your impression changes.

In amongst the shrubbery I found evidence of anti-social behavior. Empty cans of strong larger, a used condom, a used needle, fly tipping and general litter. This kind of thing is unwelcome anywhere in the ward but is totally unacceptable in a play park.

I have written to Reading Borough Council requesting them to have the litter and fly tipping removed. I have also asked them to clear away the shrubbery on the high parts of the playground to deny cover to those who indulge in anti-social behavior.

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